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THE POWER OF PASSING IT ON – (By Dr. Myles Munroe)

? The Greatest Act Of Leadership Is Mentoring.

? If what you learn, achieve, accumulate or accomplish dies with you then you are a generational failure.

? Mentoring is the manifestation of the highest level of personal maturity, security and self confidence.

? An insecure person will never Train People, they will oppress people.

? Mature people create people greater than themselves.

? Your assignment has a shelf life.

? You will die one day; so train your replacement.

? Your Greatest Gift to the world is your mentee.

? True leaders do not seek followers, followers are attracted to true leaders.

? The Greatest obligation of true leadership is to transfer your deposit to the next generation.

? Leadership success is measured by the success of your successor.

? No matter how great you may have been, if you didn’t produce a successor, you are a failure.

? You preserve what you built through mentorship.

? Legacy is about preserving all that you’ve built by raising other people.

? Success without a successor is failure.

? Leadership that serves only it’s generation is destined to failure.

? If your vision dies with you, you have failed.

? Legacy is about living beyond your grave.

? Leadership Is not a Sprint but a relay.

? The most important part of a relay is passing it on-not running.

? The ultimate measure of true leadership is not to maintain followers but to produce leaders.

? True leadership measures it’s success by the diminishing dependency factor of its followers.

? The ultimate measure of leadership is the ability to leave.

? True leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary.

? You are a successful leader when your followers can lead others.

? Your goal as a leader is to destroy the dependency of the people around you.

? You are a great leader when your people don’t need you.

? Make people greater than you and you will live forever.

? True leaders do not seek power.

? True leaders seek to empower.

? True leaders make themselves increasingly unnecessary.

? Never confuse your position with your value.

? The ultimate goal of true leadership is not to maintain followers but to produce leaders.

? The first act of a true leader is identifying your replacement and you begin mentoring them.

? You become great by producing people greater than yourself.

? When you produce someone greater than yourself, don’t get jealous. Take the credit.

? When you train your replacement, you are freed to expand your work.

? When you mentor people, your legacy will make your tombstone unnecessary.