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Time is Short

How many will depart this life to a Christless eternity before you finish reading this article?

55.3 million people die each year.
151,600 people die each day.
6,316 people die each hour.
105 people die each minute.
Ultimately, the death rate is 1:1.

But those raw numbers don’t tell the whole story. Those aggregate numbers hide an alarming spiritual disproportion. More than 2.9 billion people live in “unreached” people groups in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the world. This means each minute, each hour, each day tens of thousands die without any real access to the message that would save them from hell and save them for God’s love.

As you’ve pondered those numbers, another 105 persons have left time and entered eternity. How many do you suppose went to be with the Lord, and how many were consigned to the pit?

Friends, time is short.

Jesus Says ‘Go’

If you’re reading this article, chances are the gospel has already reached you. You are, after all, reading this on a Christian website.

But the gospel was never intended to stop with you and me. The gospel reached us on the way to others. We’re part of a relay team, made up of Christians spanning time and space all the way back to those 12 who first followed the Lord. We have a part in God’s missionary purpose to make for himself a people out of all the peoples of the earth.(TGC)

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