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Christianity for Beginners Videos

Christianity for Beginners Video Series:

There are 7 lessons in the series: 1- Belief in God - Basic reason why we believe in God, or a supreme being. 2-The Christian Religion - A study of the major religions in the world and how Christianity compares to these. 3- The Bible - A brief look at how the Bible was written and how it came to us in its present form and why we believe that it is revelation or inspired by God. 4-Jesus Christ - This lesson will focus in on the central figure in Christianity, Jesus Christ. 5- Salvation - In this lesson we'll review the main idea of the Christian religion which is its solution to mankind's greatest problem - sin. 6- The Church - We'll examine what Jesus and the Apostles say about the church and how the Bible describes it. 7- Christian Living - Our final lesson will describe what is the style and purpose of Christian life.